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make me choose: mileysdope and awwliar asked me lydia martin or malia tate?

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mbf lydia and allison

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do it guys i am waiting


i was thinking about lydia dying and i think the only way i’ll be okay with it is if scott catches her the way he held allison and she kinda grins up at him all bloody and says ‘i can hear her. i hear allison’ and then she kinda pats his cheek and gets this faraway look in her eyes and reverently tells him that she’s so happy and beautiful and to stop crying she’s going to be with allison again

"i am like the weather.
some days im a sunny summer morning in the middle of july. i laugh loudly and wear sun dresses that make me feel like im flying with every step i take. i am everywhere like rays of sunshine.
some days i am a rainy saturday night in the middle of autumn. i lie in bed pondering over my worries and cry so violently it makes me feel like all my worries are drowning. but then i get up and dry my eyes. i feel like getting coffee and smelling the rain. i am everywhere like puddles of filthy water.
but on the worst of days i am a grey sunday afternoon. in between black and white. in between dawn and dusk. in between happy and sad. i am nowhere like the sentences on the pages of unread books. purpose not yet fulfilled.
and on those days, weeks, months, where im being suffocated and crushed all at once by that unsettling lack of feeling, i am in between two everythings.
i am truly nothing."

m.r., sun, rain and depression (via decoydreamss)


we’re not crazy


you said you’d come for me when the world
s w a l l o w e d  m e  w h o l e  …

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« forgetting the marrish .. what do you think about parrish? »


if we’re being honest and i’m going to hurt some feelings but i think he’s irrelevant, boring and im not at all interested. he’s a basic ass white boy with a nice face who is being introduced with this massive mysterious backstory while the character development on kira has come to a complete fucking halt, arden has had 5 minutes of screen time in the last three episodes and shes a main character ??? 

i honestly just dont care he could be the resurrection of christ and i will probably still not care 

They called it a fugue state, which is basically a way of saying “We have no idea why you can’t remember running through the woods naked for two days.” But personally, I don’t care. I lost nine pounds. 

Get to know: Troian Bellisario {insp.}


MTV’s “Teen Wolf” star, Holland Roden was spotted at Comic-Con rocking a pair of Beats by Dr. Dre Solo² headphones while listening to Hozier on the Beats Music streaming app.

I don’t have anyone, so…

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